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Happy V-Day!

2009-02-14 09:26:36 by M0PIES

I even made an animation for it.
>>V-Day Shorts<<

Make some emoticons!

2009-02-02 16:47:50 by M0PIES

I saw a thread at SFDT for making your own emoticons, so I gave it a whirl!


I also made some animated smilies for my forum:


Have any smilies/emoticons that you've made?

Kickman's 4th collaboration is coming! There are already over 40 entrants on the second day! The Kickman Collaboration: Captured will be released sometime in February.

Haven't watched the others?
The Kickman Collaboration
The Kickman Collaboration 2
The Kickman Collaboration 3

The Kickman Collaboration: Captured

Hole Head Shorts! (Continued)

2009-01-17 12:08:57 by M0PIES

Well, I've released Hole Head Shorts! You can view it here:

Big thanks to Gravity's BYOB for all of the inspiration.

Hole Head Shorts!

2009-01-16 09:48:48 by M0PIES

Well my friend Vapor and I were on MSN, and he started sending a whole bunch of these hilarious voice clips. Well my other friend Gravity used Vapor's old voice clips and made an animation out of them, it was awsome! So I decided that it would be fun to make an animation with some of his voice clips too, and it would be good voice syncing practice. So, I saved all of his voice clips into one pack and started animating!

Once I had enough shorts, I put all of them together and named it Hole Head Shorts!

Anyways, I just need to do some finishing touches to it. It should be released around the 17th.

Hole Head Shorts!